Michal Bosak
American Banker from Šariš
The Michael Bosak Society came into existence in 1999 at the 130th Anniversary of his birth. Michael Bosak left Slovakia at the end of the 19th century for Americas to seek happiness and opportunity. Through his efforts, skill and business acumen he was successful beyond measure and became a well-known celebrity in Slovak history. 

During World War I, he organized collections to help Slovakia. He was also on the the original signers of the "Pittsburgh Pact." As president of the First National Bank his signature was used on a ten dollar bank note. During his life he built banks, schools and churches, leaving behind a legacy of lasting values for future generations.

The main aim of the Michael Bosak Society is the organization of a yearly competition for secondary business and economics students in Slovakia for the Michael Bosak Prize.





publication of Slovak and English versions of the book: "Michael Bosak - An American Banker from Saris"
presentation of an exhibition about Michael Bosak in several cities: Washington, New York, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Presov, Scranton, Danville and Moscow
donation of one of the original ten dollar bank note with Michael Bosak's signature to the National Bank of Slovakia in 1999
establishing the Commemorative Room of Michael Bosak in the school building in his native Okruhle, which he built and pact for in the year 1925
establishing the former American-Slovak Bank building, known as the "Bosak Bank" as a historical monument
issuing of a telephone card with a portrait of Michael Bosak on the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of his death
issuing of a memorial medal with a portrait of Michael Bosak
organizing a competition for Slovak students in secondary schools. The "Michael Bosak Prize" contest is registered at the Ministry of Education SR under No. 1348/2000-42. The winner is provided with one week stay in the U.S.A.

Michael Bosak - only one Slovak people with signature on the U.S.-dollars